C2i Genomics, Karkinos Healthcare Partner to Bring AI-Powered Cancer R&D to India

C2i Genomics, Karkinos Healthcare Partner to Bring AI-Powered Cancer R&D to India

What You Should Know:

– C2i Genomics, a cancer intelligence company, announced a strategic partnership with Karkinos Healthcare to develop the first whole-genome sequencing (WGS) MRD test that will further R&D efforts in India.

– This partnership will improve diagnostic labs in India by providing them with the ability to validate and monitor the quality of whole-genome cancer screening and minimal residual disease (MRD) products faster.

AI-Powered Cancer Detection and Monitoring to India

Cancer rates in India are an epidemic on the rise; from 2010 to 2019, cancer deaths increased 26.3%. With a growing need for well-equipped labs to empower physicians and patients with better cancer detection and treatment options, this partnership will mark India’s first whole-genome sequencing (WGS) MRD test. The partnership will expand MRD monitoring within the Karkinos’ health system and its partners using the C2i Genomics’ ultrasensitive whole-genome analysis.

The C2inform MRD test enables physicians to trace small amounts of persistent or recurrent cancer much earlier and at far lower levels than currently available technologies. C2i Genomics’ SaaS solution utilizes a cloud-based platform to perform cancer tumor burden monitoring on a global scale, utilizing equipped labs and sequencing networks worldwide. By using machine learning and AI technology to analyze patients’ blood for early detection of cancer recurrence or resistance, C2i Genomics directly drives more informed treatment decisions and personalized treatment plans.

“Since founding C2i Genomics our team has been laser-focused on making sophisticated AI-informed cancer diagnostics and tumor monitoring available throughout the world, regardless of where patients or clinical trials are located,” said Asaf Zviran, CEO and co-founder of C2i Genomics. “Karkinos Healthcare shares in our vision to increase access to distributed cancer monitoring and will be instrumental in advancing our commercialization efforts to bring the C2inform MRD test to labs across India.”