CipherHealth Launches Suite of Pre-Care Digital Front Door Solutions

What You Should Know:

– CipherHealth launches a suite of pre-care digital front door solutions powered by CipherConnect to drive appointment volume and reduce no-shows.

CipherConnect is a new conversational engagement solution that automates the many manual scheduling, intake, and virtual waiting room tasks that consume precious frontline resources. 

Conversational Engagement Solution

CipherConnect manages patient-provider communication via a frictionless, conversational, web-based chat interface that captures relevant conversational patient data and seamlessly integrates with EMRs, delivering a more comprehensive and up-to-date view of patients’ health and wellness. In addition to its current pre-care solutions, including Appointment Reminders, Procedure Preparation, and Patient Screening solutions, CipherHealth is using the conversational engagement capabilities of CipherConnect to roll out a new set of digital front door solutions:

– Booking Confirmation: Share booking details for newly scheduled appointments including time, provider name, and location.

– Appointment Prep: Inform patients on next steps for arrival, such as safety instructions, remote registration, and check-in.

– Data Intake: Collect data for consent, forms, screeners, and other paperwork before arrival; upload images of insurance cards and identification as well as documents for billing or from a previous provider.