Curana & Innovaccer Partner to Improve Outcomes for Senior Living Communities

Curana & Innovaccer Partner to Improve Outcomes for Senior Living Communities

What You Should Know:

– Today, Innovaccer Inc., the Health Cloud company, announced that Curana Health is partnering with Innovaccer to build a leading edge value-based care solution to support delivery of exceptional care quality at the lowest possible cost for one of healthcare’s highest risk populations: residents in senior living communities across the country.

– Together, Curana Health and Innovaccer will build an industry-leading value-based-care toolkit using the Innovaccer Health Cloud. This will not only enhance population health outcomes, but it will also improve health equity for patients and enhance Curana’s provider engagement.

Health Outcomes for Skilled Nursing and Senior Living Populations

Curana is an innovative healthcare organization with a mission to improve the health, happiness, and dignity of senior living residents. It is rapidly growing, with a presence in 26 states and partnerships with well over 1,000 senior living communities, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and life plan communities. Curana is focused on driving the adoption of value-based care in senior living communities through multiple business segments, including a provider-led medical group (Curana Health Medical Group), Medicare Advantage health plans (AllyAlign Health), and a Medicare Accountable Care Organization (Curana Health ACO).

Creating A Unified Patient Record with Real-Time Clinical & Utilization Data

By consolidating data, this process will create a unified patient record that provides a holistic patient view at the point of care. It additionally supports the integration of Curana Health’s clinical standards in its workflow, ensuring evidence-based care management happens the same way, every time, at every point in the care journey.

By providing Curana with a comprehensive, centralized, up-to-the-minute view of patient clinical and utilization data, the organization can flag and close quality and coding gaps and perform risk stratification to help identify proactive interventions that will avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and improve care quality—and residents’ quality of life. With the Innovaccer Health Cloud, Curana gains a centralized, secure, scalable system that’s available on-demand via any device to all its providers. 

“Partnering with Innovaccer will help us provide tools that bring greater fulfillment to our clinicians, better outcomes for patients, and streamline communication with families and facility staff,” said Dr. Antonio Gamboa, President of the Curana Health Medical Group. “It will help us take our successful value-based-care programs to the next level by leveraging the best our unique model has to offer with the best healthcare IT has to offer, and help our senior living and SNF partner communities achieve the best possible outcomes for their residents.”