DiA Imaging Analysis Partners with Intel to Improve Ultrasound Analysis by 40%

DiA Imaging Analysis Partners with Intel to Improve Ultrasound Analysis by 40%

What You Should Know:

– DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd, a global provider of AI-powered ultrasound analysis software, has teamed up with Intel to streamline artificial intelligence (AI) solutions used by echocardiography (Echo) labs.

– DiA’s AI-based software, LVivo Seamless™, automatically analyzes cardiac ultrasound images using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, to optimize processing time by over 40% percent while maintaining accuracy.

Accelerating Processing Times for AI-Based Ultrasounds

By working with Intel, DiA was able to optimize the processing time of its AI-based models by over 40% percent when running on local hospital IT infrastructure based on Intel CPUs, without requiring the use of a discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) or integration of more complex IT  infrastructures. 

The ability to view key cardiac measurements results quickly after each scan is vital to the Echo  Lab workflow. DiA’s LVivo Seamless™ algorithm runs automatically on cardiac ultrasound exams, selecting and analyzing the optimal cardiac views to generate key measurements that help identify clinical indications – that are otherwise difficult to find visually or manually. DiA’s solutions enable sonographers and cardiologists to analyze higher scan volumes in a quicker and reproducible way, optimizing their everyday workflows.  

“Intel is committed to creating world-changing technology that helps advance patient care. Our  edge-to-cloud infrastructure technology supports rich data analysis environments like DiA’s  LVivo Seamless, where time and accuracy are crucial elements,” said Alex Flores, Head of  Global Health Solutions at Intel Corporation.