GHX Launches Lumere Consulting Services for Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

GHX Launches Lumere Consulting Services for Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

What You Should Know:

– GHX Lumere announced the launch of its consulting service to support healthcare providers that want to optimize savings and reduce clinical variation.

– This premium service combines clinical expertise, data, evidence and technology to help hospitals and health systems improve supply chain performance. 

Lumere Consulting Services Offering

As hospital operating margins continue to lag, many organizations are looking to achieve savings through clinically integrated strategic sourcing projects. Lumere’s Consulting Services help to alleviate capacity constraints caused by ongoing staffing shortages and accelerate speed to value by providing supply chain teams with dedicated project management support. Lumere’s team of experienced consultants help project stakeholders develop evidence-based sourcing and utilization goals and then work with physicians to gain alignment on these cost-reduction strategies. This work, done on-site, virtually or in a hybrid capacity, supports the creation of a repeatable framework enabling health systems to implement and scale future cost-saving initiatives without the need for additional consulting support. 

The consulting services include: 

– Strategic Clinical Sourcing Consulting: Focused on managing clinically intensive strategic sourcing and utilization projects for physician preference item (PPI) categories, such as orthopedics and cardiovascular service lines. 

– Value Analysis Governance: Focused on developing industry-standard clinical value analysis programs by helping organizations determine the policies they need in place, what team members should be involved and how to go beyond the supply chain department to create a true culture of evidence-based value analysis system-wide.