Grow Therapy Partners with Aetna to Take its Mental Health Care Services Nationwide

What You Should Know:

– Today Grow Therapy, a leader in helping create life-changing therapeutic connections between therapists and clients, today announced that its mental health care services are now available as an in-network benefit to all members of Aetna, CVS Health company. 

– Bringing Grow Therapy’s multi-thousand therapy and psychiatry provider group in-network with Aetna means it can now connect its provider network to millions of people in need, giving them more options to find the therapist that best meets their needs and takes their insurance, no matter where they are located.

Care That Matches Your Needs

Grow Therapy was started in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic started because its founders knew that nearly 70% of therapists do not accept insurance due to administrative burdens like all of the paperwork involved to file a claim. Factor in a near 20% increase in adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and/or depression due to the pandemic, the stress of everyone schooling and working from home, and therapy deserts, and the need for affordable mental health care access seemed more urgent than ever.

To make it less of a burden for therapists to accept insurance, Grow Therapy functions as the technology and centralized team providing the resources to help therapists operate in-network. As a result of a therapist being in-network through Grow Therapy, it cuts the price of an average visit for clients to less than $40, and in many cases, the visits are all covered.

“We started Grow Therapy to massively expand high-quality, affordable mental health care access to every community in America. We’re thrilled to deepen our relationship with Aetna to do just that for their 87 million members across all 50 states,” said Jake Cooper, co-founder, and CEO of Grow Therapy. “We’re proud to be working collaboratively with Aetna and its network of healthcare professionals, PCPs, and hospitals and are excited about what we can accomplish together.”