Handspring Launches with $6.2M to Solve Mental Health Access for Kids

Handspring Launches with $6.2M to Solve Mental Health Access for Kids

What You Should Know:

Handspring , a Newark, NJ-based startup building a vertically-integrated and omnichannel behavioral health center for children and families that includes both virtual care and modern clinics. Today, the company has announced its official launch in New Jersey to provide quality care to more families and children.

Handspring has closed a $6.2M seed round to further its mission of making quality mental healthcare accessible to all families was co-led by Newark Venture Partners and NextView Ventures with participation from 25madison Ventures, Arkitekt Ventures, and Quantum Angels, along with prominent healthcare operators. With this investment, Handspring is positioned to rebuild the pediatric mental health system from the ground up, with a focus on affordable and high-quality mental healthcare for families.

Evidence-Based Mental Healthcare for Children

Today, 1 in 5 children in the US have a diagnosable mental health disorder – and yet their families face barriers such as wait times, unaffordable rates (often unaccepted by insurance), or virtual-only options that prevent them from getting much-needed care in a way that suits them. Founded in 2021 by Sahil Choudhry and Kwasi Kyei, both previously digital health investors, Handspring is building an omnichannel behavioral health center to deliver quality mental healthcare that is affordable for all families. Handspring Health makes it easier for them and their families to access and afford quality behavioral healthcare, by using a hybrid approach (both in-person and virtual) and focusing on patient outcomes. Through an experienced clinical team, modern clinics, a virtual health platform, and health plan partnerships, Handspring will provide higher quality mental healthcare to children that empower them to lead resilient and fulfilling lives.

“We are living through a pandemic of mental and behavioral health disorders among children and adolescents. Today, 1 in 5 children in the US have a diagnosable mental health disorder. The healthcare system is failing our children, as systemic barriers have made it impossible for families to find care that’s accessible. When looking for care, families often face unaffordable rates that are not covered by insurance, or waitlists that are several months long,” said Sahil Choudhry, co-founder and CEO of Handspring Health. “Moreover, most new solutions in the market today are virtual-only; not all children can be treated virtually and many need more hands-on and in-person attention.”