Innovaccer Expands into Public Sector to Accelerate Public Health Transformation

Innovaccer Expands into Public Sector to Accelerate Public Health Transformation

What You Should Know: 

– Health cloud company Innovaccer Inc, today announced it is expanding into the public sector to improve collaboration between agencies, optimize case management, manage increasingly complex alternative payment models, and improve the individual’s experience through technology. 

– The Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform (DAP) collects, cleans, and connects data, making it available and shareable between systems to accelerate digital transformation. It unifies data from multiple sources and systems including pharmacy, claims, electronic health records, government agencies, and community-based organizations, as well as social determinants of health (SDoH), to empower whole-person care. 

Outdated Public Sector Systems

Although technology has been upgraded in much of the private healthcare industry, public health agencies have lagged behind. Outdated systems hinder efforts to manage data and coordinate resources, and the pandemic has exacerbated the situation. With more investment in technology, which has been made available through legislated pandemic funding, public agencies can use this opportunity to improve their systems so they can focus on delivering services.

Public Sector Offering Address 3 Use Cases

Initially, Innovaccer will address three distinct use cases in the public sector:

– Population Health: Health agencies are launching innovative programs using SDoH to better address the needs of underserved populations and move toward a whole-person care approach. Innovaccer provides a centralized case management platform that consolidates data and provides analytics and insights to help close health equity gaps, manage community referrals, and enhance case management for the Medicaid population. 

– Value-Based Analytics for Alternative Payment Models: Through improved data analytics for value-based care and alternative payment management, Innovaccer is helping to make high-quality healthcare more accessible and organizations accountable for cost and quality of care. Targeted analytics support bundling of payment and reporting to ensure transparency, provider engagement and satisfaction, and overall improvement of Medicaid beneficiary outcomes.

– Case Management: In its recent collaboration with a county in California, Innovaccer is improving case coordination and access to vital community services and programs. A client database case management system for public health agencies enables them to track individuals and families across health and social services programs to ensure they are receiving the community services they need and to help reduce emergency room and hospital visits.

“It’s all about the data and how we harness it to optimize care and address the needs of all populations—especially the underserved,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. “Social services and public health, in general, are starting to come together to provide a whole-person care approach. We’ve established ourselves in the public sector with a case management platform which provides a unified record to improve case coordination, and for years, we’ve provided population health management solutions to manage care and close care gaps. We look forward to working with public health agencies to help them deliver more equitable, coordinated care for their populations.”