League Launches Developer Program to Empower Healthcare Ecosystem

League Launches Developer Program to Empower Healthcare Ecosystem

What You Should Know:

– League, a healthcare platform technology provider announced the launch of their Developer program, giving the healthcare industry access to the underlying digital infrastructure that can connect its proliferation of point solutions (i.e. all the apps, websites, and software patients currently use to get care).

– The Developer program will give customers, partners and third parties the ability to build on the League platform or embed components using SDKs and APIs.

Build on the leading healthcare CX platform

League’s Developer Program is an essential tool healthcare organization can leverage to meet those evolving industry demands and develop a strategy to harness value in each of those new digital capabilities. By leveraging League’s APIs and SDKs, product and IT teams now have the tools they need to quickly bring new experiences to life. This includes collaborating with League to configure their member experience or amplifying existing applications, all while accelerating innovation and development timelines. Each capability is designed to support a digital healthcare ecosystem that is transitioning from predominantly standalone point solutions to integrated consumer experiences.

A recent study found more than 40% of healthcare consumers did not consider themselves loyal to one local hospital or health system. In addition, an influx of newly formed companies and the entry of tech companies into healthcare has intensified the demand for differentiated solutions that effectively engage patients and members as digital consumers. Through the League Developer Program, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily build and deploy their own engaging solutions on League’s platform infrastructure.

“We know that many healthcare organizations have already begun their CX transformation journey, and no matter what stage they’re at, they can configure the League platform to accelerate their progress,” said Dan Galperin, Chief Technology Officer of League. “The League Developer Program will allow our partners to leverage our next-generation platform capabilities while maintaining the control and flexibility to build a unique and highly engaging user experience that is differentiated in the market.”