Regard Raises $15.3M for AI Co-Pilot to Diagnose Medical Conditions

Regard Raises $15.3M for AI Co-Pilot to Diagnose Medical Conditions

What You Should Know:

– Regard (formerly known as HealthTensor), a L.A.-based software company developing an artificial intelligence (AI) co-pilot for physicians to help diagnose medical conditions, announced its $15.3 million in Series A funding led by Calibrate Ventures and Foundry Group, with participation from additional investors.

– The funding will be used to help grow the Regard team to support more clients, reduce integration time and expedite reach to new physicians and hospitals, faster.

A complete patient picture, in a matter of moments

Today, nearly 50% of physicians reporting being burnt out this year. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this issue, with 20% of the clinical workforce leaving the field from 2020 to 2021. Founded in 2017, Regard aims to help solve this problem by deploying its medical co-pilot. Regard improves healthcare by building AI software that empowers physicians to accurately diagnose patients. Working closely with physicians and health systems, Regard’s product analyzes physicians’ notes and lab results to ensure no condition is overlooked.

Designed to recognize approximately 50 of the most common medical conditions, the algorithm augments and automates patient medical records to ensure no condition is overlooked, thus saving physicians time with their note-writing process.

The diagnoses, along with supporting documentation and billing information, are written back into the medical record. It is the only product on the market that saves physicians time, improves patient outcomes, and increases hospital revenue through automated diagnosis and documentation. Since its launch in 2020, Regard’s technology has been used on over 30,000 patients and has diagnosed over 420,000 medical conditions that otherwise would have been missed by providers.

Cerner & Epic Integrations

Regard is integrated with both Cerner and Epic allowing physicians to easily access a patient’s medical background in one, user-friendly interface. Regard’s proprietary algorithms aggregate and then mine the entirety of a patient’s medical history through their electronic health record (EHR). The aggregated data decreases room for error while optimizing the diagnostic and billing processes, resulting in overall improved quality of care and allowing for accurate hospital reimbursements.