RevSpring Expands Integrations with Cerner

What You Should Know:

– RevSpring expands patient engagement and payment solution integrations with Cerner, broadening RevSpring’s platform of omnichannel and payment solutions to boost payment performance and patient satisfaction.

– Now more than 1,500 Cerner customers can access several of RevSpring’s solutions without friction – including customers such as Ohio-based Fisher-Titus, a leading rural hospital, that signed an agreement to implement two RevSpring products to coordinate all payment data and communications, increasing clarity for patients and streamlining back-office work.

Patient Engagement and Payment Solution Integrations with Cerner

“RevSpring’s long-time relationship with Cerner and more than 1,500 Cerner customers means value-added services, such as our PersonaPay solutions, can be added without the usual friction associated with a new vendor relationship,” said RevSpring CEO, Scott MacKenzie. “RevSpring payment products are proven to help healthcare organizations boost payment performance and patient satisfaction to drive better financial outcomes for providers and their patients, and our preservice engagement better prepares patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare. RevSpring looks forward to expanding this value to Cerner customers.”

The advantages of these integrations are as follows:

– Integration with RevSpring billing products, distributed in collaboration with RevSpring and Cerner, for a seamless patient financial experience

– The ability to add intelligence and consistency to the billing and payment process

– Option to embed the POS and CSR payment experience directly into Cerner software for a seamless staff experience

– Real-time availability of balance information and posting back to Cerner systems

– Flexible bundling options, offering precisely the right mix of capabilities to meet client needs