Sanofi Launches Its First Digital Health Accelerator to Address Unmet Patient Needs

Sanofi, TriNetX Partner to Optimize Clinical Trials with Digital Technology

What You Should Know:

– Sanofi launched its first Digital Accelerator to better leverage data and artificial intelligence to develop solutions that address unmet patient needs.

– The Digital Accelerator team is developing an integrated platform and data solution to enhance awareness of atopic dermatitis and available treatment options amongst patients and HCPs.

Digital Accelerator Focus

The Digital Accelerator is the next step in Sanofi’s ongoing digital transformation, which has led to the hiring of 300 new employees across the company’s digital, data, and cybersecurity teams over the last 18 months. Additionally, Sanofi is partnering with Women in Tech® to close the gender gap in the digital health field.

The Digital Accelerator will first focus on addressing unmet needs in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis in France, Italy and Spain. The team is developing an integrated platform and data solution to better engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and enhance their awareness as well as their patients’ awareness of the disease and the available treatment options.

“Sanofi’s digital transformation is driven by a business and cultural shift as much as it is by technology. The Digital Accelerator will help us democratize the use of data, develop an agile mindset across the company, and accelerate innovation for patients and healthcare professionals – at speed and scale. Our investment in the Digital Accelerator is another demonstration of our commitment to transform the practice of medicine and deliver better outcomes for patients,” said Arnaud Robert, Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer at Sanofi.