Seven Easy Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing In Winters

As we all know, 2021 is about to get over soon. So let us start 2022 with a new zeal for SKin Care. In the blog you will be able to learn how to keep your skin glowing in winters. 

Winters always knock on the door with the dry skin losing moisture and natural oils resulting in rough and unmanageable skin. Skincare is the most important step of taking care of ourselves.

This is winter time so, it is the time to take extra care of your skin. To take extra of your skin all you need to do is just follow these tips in your daily skincare routine.

  1. Keep yourself Hydrated

During winters, we don’t feel much hot as compared to summers and we don’t drink much water. However, we feel like our skin is hydrated and we have drunk enough water. But it is actually not. So keep on drinking water at certain time intervals. Make sure to hydrate yourself properly.

  1. Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturising your skin is a very common point which we all know whereas we don’t follow it in our daily routine. Always remember to moisturise your skin with moisturisers , so that you can wake up with supple skin.

  1.  Keep up with your SPF

one of the last things on your mind is putting on SPF before you head out the door in the morning. But, the sun can still do damage, no matter how cold it is outside, which can add to dryness. Make sure you’re still putting on protection during all twelve months of the year, no matter how unnecessary it might feel.

  1. Exfoliating 

Always remember Exfoliating. This is the main step of keeping your skin glowing. Always at night we should apply cream on your face before sleeping. Then in the morning when you bathe, apply a face scrub on your face and rub it gently. By this way you can easily exfoliate your skin. If you want an easy step, then it is facial at beauty parlour. But you need to pay a visit to the beauty parlour every 15 days to keep your skin glowing.

  1. Remove the Make-Up

Always make sure to remove the make-up before sleeping. After late-night parties we feel extremely tired and exhausted and we sometimes skip the step of removing the makeup. But removing makeup before sleeping is also one of the major steps of skin care routine. ANd always try to wear the least makeup as much as we can because excess usage of makeup sometimes results in losing the natural glow of skin.

  1. Wash the face with Luke-Warm water

It does not seem to be a skin care tip whereas it is a major point of skincare routine. Before starting the day and after going through the day we must wash and scrub our face with lukewarm water. Washing the face with lukewarm water strengthens the muscles and relaxes ourselves. It also plays a great role in relieving the stress and tension from the face. So make sure to wash your face with luke-warm water.

  1. Beauty Parlour Visit

It seems weird but it is also necessary. Whenever we visit a beauty parlour then try to have the combo of all the skin care necessities. It also gives a lot of glow to our skin. So also pay a visit to the Beauty parlour every month.

The odds are definitely stacked against us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to get our glow on every month of the year. There are things you can add to and nix from your routine that can help your skin survive the most “blah” months of the year. Just add these seven simple tips to your skin care routine to keep your skin refreshing and glowing even in winter.