Yoga – A healthy boy is a container of a healthy mind and heart

Needless to say that yoga is very important to keep yourself fit, fine and healthy. In today’s running life we have forgotten that we are capable of doing all this stuff only till our body is healthy, fit and fine. Who disregards yoga, opens the door of diseases, old age and death. 

There’s one quote – “ A healthy boy is a container of a healthy mind and heart.” 

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practises or disciplines that originated in ancient India, aimed at controlling and stilling the mind, and recognizing the detached ‘witness-consciousness’ as untouched by the activities of the mind and mundane suffering.

To keep your body healthy, you need to do exercise as well as yoga. Exercise and yoga both seem to be the same but they both have their own different meanings. That’s why we need to do exercise as well as yoga to keep our body fit and fine. 

Present Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narender Modi has declared 21st june as international yoga day. Many Schools, teaching institutes, gyms and yoga centres have started yoga classes. 

Swami Ramdev or Baba RamDev is a yoga guru and a businessman. He has been organising and conducting large yoga camps since 2002 and broadcasting yoga on various tv channels. He is worldwide known as Yoga Guru. 

People come forgien to india not only for exploring india also for learning yoga. But in this modern time no needs to travel, visit and then learn yoga. this is 22nd century and on the advances of internet you can learn yoga from anywhere and anyhow. All you need is just determination. 

Yoga is actually the path which opens the door of a healthy body and soul. So what are you waiting for? Open the internet and get started with yoga.